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Purple Crayon Art drawing class 3: simple line drawings for children

Posted by Sandra Vick on

Today's lesson is inspired by graffiti artist Stik. 

Click here for examples of Stik's work

I love STIK 's work. It is so very very simple yet so very very clever and emotive.  They initially look like small drawings, but when you see them in situ they are monumental drawings.  They address huge issues in a way that is accessible by all.

Now, I'm not suggesting you draw huge like these, but be inspired by their simplicity and effectiveness. In particular I think at stressful times like now, where people are experiencing so many emotions and wanting an outlet for those emotions - these are a great way to do so. They don't need any particular drawing skills and are something that can be created by any age group.

First have a good look at how Stik uses the positioning of the body and the eyes to depict different emotions and meanings. With younger children you can look at selected drawing and talk about how the people are feeling.  Then you can have a go at drawing your own Stik style drawings.  I've drawn a few in a short video here.

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