meeting the faces behind the emails, the benefits of using UK manufacturers.

meeting the faces behind the emails, the benefits of using UK manufacturers.

Here at Sandra Vick Ltd we are proud supporters of the UK manufacturing companies that we use to bring you our product range.

Most of the companies that we use are based in middle England and, as I’m based in Scotland, I don’t often get chance to meet the faces behind the emails and voices on the phone. On my way back from the Bird Fair in Leicestershire this week I was able to pop into one of our chinaware manufactureres, Buttercup China. Based in Stoke, once a world centre for the china and pottery industry, they are one of the few companies that still hand decorate and fire chinaware in the UK. 


Stoke became famous in the early 17th century for it's potteries and is the origin of famous ceramics like Dalton, Wedgewood and Spode.  During the indutrial revolution, there were hundreds of companies in Stoke producing ceramics and it was a major centre for innovation including inventing bone china and progressing the use of transfers.  As with many UK industrial centres, production began to decline in the late 19th century and although some production still occurs it's a fraction of that produced at the peak of the industry.

Each of our designs is applied individually by hand and then fired in kilns. This means that no two items are 100% identical and that they are fully dishwasher and microwave proof.  If you want to know more about the accreditation of our chinaware click here.

applying designs by handadding the base stamp to a mug

I was delighted to get a tour of the room where the ladies were applying the designs to many different items, the kiln rooms with huge stacks of mugs and jugs either about to be fired or having just been fired, and the warehouse where boxing up is done.

stacks of china mugs fresh from the kiln

It was great to see the full range and understand the process they use as well as to meet the ladies who add the designs to the mugs.  It's also great to then brainstorm new designs and products with those that know how it all works - so watch this space for some of our new ideas!

For our full range of mugs click on this link


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