Furoshiki wrapping - espresso cup

Furoshiki wrapping - espresso cup

I have been so excited to discover the art of furoshiki wrapping. It is a beautiful way to wrap gifts using fabric that can be re-used.  I straight away wondered if our tea-towels could be used for it as then it would be a useful wrap too.  So I've been playing around with the idea and will be showing you ideas for wrapping each of our products in one of our teatowels - there are lots of different ways to do furoshiki wraps and each is suitable for a different size or shape. 

This week we are doing the wrapping of an espresso cup.

First you need to buy a tea towel and an espresso cup.  You can order an oystercatcher espresso and tea-towel for a fully coordinated gift.  If you wish to decorate the wrapped gift, you could find holly or pine cones or a gift tag to add at the last stage.

Open your tea-towel, and lay your boxed espresso cup on the reverse side.  Position it half way between two opposing corners and wrap as shown in the video.  One your espresso cup is the sausage in the middle of the roll, fol the ends neatly so it tuck around the box, then hold the two ends and tie in a double knot (tucking the decoration in as you go). 


Isn't it a cute little parcel?!

furoshiki wrapped espresso cup by Sandra Vick 

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