MUG2GO starling/green china travel mug

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A bone china mug with a lid. A 'proper' mug with a lid!

As an artist I always need a mug with a  lid or I accidentally dip my paint brush in it. I've teacher friends who say they need a mug with lids for use at school.  And friends who are office workers who try to reduce the chances of their coffee being spilled by having a lid.  Maybe you are just someone who doesn't want to use a bamboo, metal or plastic cup for your travel cup... then this mug is for you.


These bone china travel mugs come with a silicon lid and sleeve.  They can go through the dishwasher and in the microwave. 

They come in a range of 4 colours each with a different bird design.  Blue for gdowits, green for starlings, grey for long tailed tits and red for redshanks. Each colour/design is listed seperately.

Dimensions: H132mm D86mm C250mm.

Capacity / Volume 320 ml.