My paintings are an intuitive and personal response to the natural landscape. As I walk I see shapes and colours, texture and tones and build up a mental library of marks and colours to use in my paintings as well as to drawing outside in the landscape, collecting compositions, textures, colours and marks to bring into my paintings.  I work outside in all weathers - I wear full waterproofs and have a covered folder for drawing when it’s raining - I’ve not yet drawn in a midge cloud but sure it will happen!  

This work has developed over the last year, moving from a more literal translation towards abstraction. This is all new work.

All paintings are for sale - please use the contact me form for any enquiries. 

There are also a number of unframed pieces for sale here 

Apologies that this page is not yet mobile phone ready - it is better viewed from a computer screen. 


summer fields, 84.5x84.5cm

 summer fields

oil on canvas, 84.5x84.5x3cm £1200
path to the hills, oil on linen

path to the hills 

oil on linen, 50x50cm £500
 winter hills

winter hills

oil on canvas, 20x20cm £100

across the valley, oil on canvas, 61x61cm

across the valley

oil on canvas, 61x61cm £600

 over the valley, mixed media on linen

over the valley

oil on linen, 40x40cm £500


snowy fields painting

snowy fields

mixed media, 40x60cm on canvas £600

a way to the hills, oil on canvasa way to the hills

oil on canvas, 80x30cm £600

from the turnip field oil on canvasfrom the tumshie field

oil on canvas, 70x30cm £600

where are the hills? oil on canvaswhere are the hills?

oil on canvas, 80x30cm £600

across the loch, 80x20cm, oil on canvasacross the loch

oil on canvas, 80x20cm, £600 

 currently on show at The Big Art Show, Paisley

a wide and empty space, 91x61cm, oil on canvasa wide and empty space

oil on canvas, 91x61cm £1000

currently on show at The Big Art Show, Paisley

time let me hail and climb, mixed media on papertime let me hail and climb

mixed media on paper, 70x92cm framed £650
currently on show at The Big Art Show, Paisley 

craws flying by, 40x40cm, oil on linencraws flying by

oil on linen, 40x40cm £500


carnethy, oil on canvas, Sandra Vick


oil on canvas, 70x30cm £600


 from scald law, oil on canvas

from scald law

oil on canvas, NOT FOR SALE

from the coll, oil on canvas
from the coll
oil on canvas, NOT FOR SALE

hills of the mind, oil on canvas

hills of the mind

oil on canvas, NOT FOR SALE